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Berlin, Germany

+49 (0) 17687966231

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Office hours:

Monday - Friday

9am – 6pm CET

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Tal Gibbesch
Brahestraße 1
10589 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0) 17687966231

Übersetzerin 13/307/01280

Relocation Services 13/307/02864


Since the GDPR law is really important and it is our job to translate complicated bureaucracy into a language, which is easily understood, here is the summary of how we use your data and information, so that everyone is aware of how we use data:

  • If you send us an email either through the contact form or through the email address, your contact will be saved in our inbox and possibly in a separate data sheet, in which we manage our contacts. Nobody unrelated to Gibbesch Consulting has access to that sheet and this data will never be handed over to anyone else.

  • No email/info/data will ever be given to anyone else without your consent.

  • We do not store any data, which is not needed or unrelated to your case

  • If you have to send us any documents, do so via email, as we are not permitted to receive data through any other channel (Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.)

  • Our website is hosted by and we use a tool for statistics. This tool does not collect any identifiable data, which can be tracked back to a person. It counts the daily views, number of visitors, countries they are from and the source (via Google, Facebook, etc.)

  • This website has a TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Plugin, if you click on either of them, your IP address and referral page may be transferred to either of those external services.

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